FACCC Elections

Please review the FACCC Elections Manual and submit a nomination form if you are interested in running for the FACCC Board of Governors.

Nominations are open January 29 – March 16.

The following seats will be open for nominations in the 2018 FACCC elections:

· President-Elect – one-year term
· Vice President – two-year term
· Governor-at-Large – two-year term (three open seats)
· Regional Governor – two-year term (Regions B, C, D)*
· Governor for Part-Time – two-year term (Northern Region)
· Governor for Retired Faculty – two-year term

In accordance with the FACCC Bylaws, there shall be no more than one At-Large or Regional Governor employed at any one college. Officers and Governors for Part-Time shall not be subject to this restriction.

As the result of the current board composition, FACCC members from the following colleges are unable to run for At-Large or Regional Governor this year: Diablo Valley College, Gavilan College, Sacramento City College, Santa Monica College, Santa Barbara City College, and De Anza College.